Beam profiler with UV converter

Beam profiler with UV converter
Since UV light is converted to visible light for detection, high-sensitivity measurement is possible for light below 400 nm. The profile is about 5 to 10 mm.


Term Specification
Receiving area Around 18.4mm × 13.8mm (horizontal x vertical)
Pixel resolution 11.42 μm/pixel
Magnifying optical system
0.35 times
Optical resolution Less than 50 μm
Image sensor CCD image sensor
wavelength range
200 – 390 nm
Number of
image sensor pixels
1360 × 1024(horizontal x vertical)
A/D conversion resolution 8 bit/10 bit
Exposure time 17 μs – 80 ms
Frame rate 12 fps (Maximum)
Interface USB2.0


  • Product :LaseView-SRC-DUV
  • Price      :USD 1,100(excluding tax and software)
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