LaseView with Screen Reduction Converter for LED measurement

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For incoherent light only. The application of LEDs such as optical sensors will expand, and quality control will become important. If the spread angle is large like LED, the profile is about 5-10mm.In this area, observation with a camera set, LHB is difficult.In such a case, please use this beam profiler with reduction converter. The light receiving area is 18 x 13.5mm, and the optical resolution is about 30μm. Also supports custom.

Product Specifications

Item Specification
Light receiving area 18mm × 13.5mm or more(Horizontal × Vertical)
Pixel resolution 11.42 μm / pixel
Magnification optical system magnification 3.31 times
Optical resolution Approx. 30 μm
Image sensor CMOS image sensor
Measurement wavelength range 400 – 800nm or 800 – 1000nm,
Please indicate the wavelength you require.
Image sensor pixel count 2048 × 1536(Horizontal × Vertical)
A / D conversion resolution 8 bit / 12 bit
Exposure time 25 μs – 4 s 
Gain 0 dB – 48 dB
Frame rate 60 fps(maximum)
Interface USB 3.0
Power supply DC 5 V, approx. 2.5 W (powered from USB connector)
External dimensions W31 mm × L163 mm × H38 mm

Price and lead time

  • Model number:LaseView-SRC-LED
  • Price:USD 550(excluding tax and software)
  • Lead time: Contact us