Brief instructions

  • Free 7-days trial is available. This evaluation version requires an Internet connection at first activation. After the trial period, a product version (product key) is required.
  • This trial version is a function-limited version which does not allow to save files and thus to use multi-files analysis functions such as M2. Contact us if you nevertheless need to test them so that we may examine the case and try to find a convenient solution.
  • LaseView 6 is a single-user license software. If you have questions about volume license (for simultaneous use…), feel free to let us know.
  • User name and affiliation are needed to use LaseView 6 ; it will correspond to the ones you enter in the following form. Loss of name and affiliation makes LaseView 6 unusable.
  • The download link for trial version or the download link and full product key will be provided after submission of this form.
  • Several cameras tested with LaseView are listed on the product’s page; if you intend to use the software with a non-listed camera, please verify that it is a DirectShow compatible one (Thorlabs cameras need the OEM iDS driver).

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