Lidar lineup


GreenValley International/
Product name / Manufacturer Rotating Handheld SLAM LiDAR System / GreenValley International
  • Lightweight and compact Hand-held type that can also be carried by hand
  • Can be mounted on backpacks, drones and even in cars
  • Reasonably priced and easy to map
  • Metaverse and digital twin are also a thing of the past
Product key words
  • lidar, handheld, 3D, scanner, greenvalley, ligrip, GNSS, GPS

Outdoor and indoor support
Light weight



Product name / Manufacturer Ultrahigh point cloud density LiDAR / LIVOX
  • High performance and mass production at the same time
  • High reliability, from system-level operation to individual components
  • It maintains stable performance in a wide range of conditions, from bright environments with 100 kilo lux to dark environments with poor visibility.
  • HAP(TX / T1) / Detection range:150m @ reflectance10% ・120°x 25° ・point cloud density: 144 lines ・Angular resolution:0.18°×0.23° ・点率: 452,000 pts/s ・FPS: 10 Hz
  • Mid-70 / Detection range:260 m (reflectance 80%) ・Distance accuracy:2 cm ・Angular accuracy:0.1º ・FOV:70.4° circle
  • Mid-360 / Detection range:40m @ reflectance10%、70m @ reflectance80% ・point cloud density:40 line ・Blind area:0.1m ・FOV:360°* 59°
  • AVIA / Detection range:320 m (reflectance 80%) ・Distance accuracy:2 cm ・Angular accuracy:0.05° ・FOV:Non-repeating scan:70.4° (horizon) ×77.2° (vertical) ・Iterative scanning:70.4° (horizon) ×4.5° (vertical)
  • Tele-15 / Detection range:500 m (reflectance 80%) ・Distance accuracy:2 cm ・Angular accuracy:0.03° ・FOV:15° circle
Product key words
  • livox, avia, mid-360, mid-70, tele-15, hap

Short delivery time
Ultrahigh point cloud density
Demo machine available


Beam profiler “LaseView” series lineup

Beamprofiler LaseView

Over 320 units !!

Beam profiler “LaseView” series
Laser beam diameter and spatial intensity distribution can be measured.
A lineup of many products that match various beams!
You can choose from the diameter, wavelength, and power of the beam to be handled.


Ultrafast Laser Kit series lineup

ultrafast laser

Femtosecond laser light source close to you!

Ultrafast Laser Kit series
You can easily acquire development know-how because you can assemble it like a plastic model while looking at the manual.
An extensive lineup for every wavelength!
Kokyo is a pioneer in the development of research femtosecond laser equipment.