Beam profiler for 600W fiber laser

The beam profiler and power of a high-power CW fiber laser (up to 600W) can be measured simultaneously.
Convenient to carry because it is completely air-cooled.
Usage: Measurement is possible by adjusting the height with the knob so that the beam is incident vertically from above and the beam waist is on the CCD.Customization is possible because our company has developed software and hardware.
The software employs “Beam Profiler with M2 Platform Software LaseView”, which is highly evaluated for usability. A beam profiler with various analysis functions and very easy to use.
Beam profiler for 600W fiber laser


  • Power range: 0.1W to 600W
  • Beam diameter: 30µm to 3mm
  • Beam profile measurement
  • M2 measurement possible (manual)
  • Simultaneous power measurement
  • Air cooling


  • Beam evaluation of laser metal 3D printer
  • Beam evaluation of laser beam machine
  • Beam evaluation of laser oscillator

Product Specifications

item specification
Average power 0.1 – 600W
Wavelength range 1060 nm – 1080 nm
Beam diameter 30 μm – 3 mm
Beam divergence angle ±2° Within
Sensor resolution 1360 × 1024
Sensor pixel size 4.65 μm × 4.65 μm
Field of view 6.32 mm × 4.76 mm
interface USB 2.0
External dimensions 205 mm(W)× 230 mm(D)× 129 mm(H)
Software functions Follow LaseView
Remarks With power meter: No cooling water required (air cooling specification)
If the power meter is water-cooled, it can handle up to 1kW.
The dimensions of the body will be a little smaller (the height will not change) as long as there is no air-cooled heat sink.
Please contact us for details.
Appearance drawing

Appearance drawing

Price and delivery time

Model: LaseView – 600FL
Price: USD 19,030 (excluding tax and software)
Lead time: Contact us