Our Vision

  • We aim to be No. 1 in the laser industry for customer satisfaction.

Basic Policy

  • We continue to provide excellent products and services and pursue customer satisfaction.

Employee Code of Conduct

  • We challenge new laser product sales and services.
  • We strive to increase efficiency and add value.
  • We care for our peers and value teamwork.

Management slogan

Leading the symphotony (the symphony of photon) to the world

We aim to be cutting edge and beyond by create original technology and service by harmonizing many different aspects, contributing to society, exploring the frontier that is optic technology.

Management philosophy: The creation of affluent society with Photonics and Laser technology

The 19th century “The era of steem”
The 20th century “The era of electricity”
The 21st century “The era of laser”.

It is said that “the 21st Century is the age of laser”. We support the 5 Revolutions (Information Revolution, medical revolution, food revolution, environmental revolution, energy revolution), and we will continue to contribute to the creation of a safe, secure and prosperous society.

With photonics and laser,
Information is transferred though optic fibers, enabling optical internet communication.
Photonics and Laser are the Information Innovation.

With photonics and laser,
Removal of stains and bruises, hair growth and hair removal,
Diagnosis and treatment of eyes, treatment and early detection of cancer is made possible.
Photonics and Laser are the Medical Innovation.

With photonics and laser,
Plants perform photosynthesis, producing oxygen, and Flourish.
Animals consume oxygen, consume plants, and Breed.
Photonics and Laser are the Food Innovation.

With photonics and laser,
Photo catalyst is activated.
Hazardous and Malodorous substance, Bacteria is removed and purified.
Photonics and Laser are the environmental Innovation.

With photonics and laser,
We may replicate the same nuclear fusion as the Sun.
Create an infinite energy source.
Photonics and Laser are the energy Innovation