Released a large-diameter, high-output beam profiler (LaseView-LHB-25) that saves space.

Kokyo, Inc. (Representative Director Kazuhiko Sumimura, Headquarters Kyoto, Japan) will have been newly developed a large-diameter, high-power beam profiler “LaseView-LHB-25” that can measure, analyze, and evaluate various light sources such as lasers and LEDs in a narrow space with high accuracy. will be newly developed and will be on sale from May 11th (Wednesday).
This product was developed based on the basic performance of the large-diameter, high-output beam profiler “LaseView-LHB”, which is a standard product in the series, in order to support light source measurement in a narrow space.
In the fields of corporate R & D and education, laser beam light is used in a narrow space inside the facility, but In some cases, the large light receiving surface of existing large-diameter products made by Kokyo could not accurately capture light in a narrow space. This product can accurately capture the light source by improving the sensitivity by making the light receiving surface width and height be halved compared to conventional products’.

Appearance component


  • Easy measurement of beam profile and beam diameter.
  • Possible to large-diameter laser measurement.
  • Possible to laser measurement from low output to high output.
  • With speckle (glittering bright and dark spots) reduction function.
  • Supports high output beam with high heat resistant screen.
  • Supports beam profiler with M2 platform software (LaseView Subscription)


  • Inspection and maintenance of various high-power lasers (laser cleaners, laser processing machines, etc.)
  • Beam profile measurement of processing laser
  • LED CW continuous and pulse emission evaluation measurement
  • Semiconductor laser emission evaluation measurement
  • Evaluation of LiDAR
  • Beam evaluation measurement of optical pickup
  • Measurement of scan laser position


Model LaseView-LHB-25
Light receiving surface size 25 mm × 25 mm
Indication of measurement power density 0.1 – 100 W/cm2
Total incident power max 10 W
Allowed incident light angle ±15°
Optical resolution around 50 μm
Measurement wavelength range 400 – 1100 nm
Image sensor pixel 1440 × 1080
Acquisition image pixel 1600 × 1600
A/D Conversion resolution 8 / 16 bit
Frame rate 238 fps (max)
Exposure time 1 μs – 30 s
Interface USB 3.0
Input power Camera power supply 5 V (supplied from the USB)
Motor power supply 6 V (supplied from the included AC adapter)
size W129 mm × H57.5 mm × D116 mm
  • Sufficient accuracy may not be obtained when measuring a beam diameter that is 20 times or less the optical resolution.
  • The frame rate may decrease depending on the computing power of the PC, the USB connection status, and the settings.
  • When using the speckle reduction function, a measurement time (typical value) of 1 to 2 seconds is required.

Product information

product: Beam profiler for large diameter and high-power
model: LaseView-LHB-25
price: please contact us
lead time: please contact us

Kokyo, Inc. will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the laser industry and support the promotion of the five major revolutions (information revolution, medical revolution, food revolution, environmental revolution, and energy revolution) through laser technology.