Analyzing and analyzing the beam diameter and quality of the mid-infrared wavelength range, “LaseView-CA-MIR camera set” will be released on September 22 (Wednesday)

Kokyo, Inc. (Representative Director Kazuhiko Sumimura, Headquarters Kyoto, Japan) will have been newly developed a large-diameter, high-power beam profiler “LaseView-LHB-25” that can measure, analyze, and evaluate various light sources such as lasers and LEDs in a narrow space with high accuracy. will be newly developed and will be on sale from Sep 22th (Wednesday).

The mid-infrared wavelength (2 to 16 μm) covered by this product is mainly used for spectroscopic measurement in the fields of communication, medical care, healthcare, and sensing, product development of microscopes, performance inspection, etc., and product functions and quality. Is expected to be maintained and improved.

190 – 1100 nm 900 – 1700 nm (NIR) 2 -16 μm(MIR)
Camera set
Camera set
Camera set
(this product)

Product image:LaseView-CA-MIR Series 


・ Wavelength: 2 to 16 μm
・ Beam diameter can be measured
・ With M2 beam quality analysis function
・ With beam spread angle analysis function
・ With image logging function
・ Beam pointing with analysis function for changes over time


・ Spectroscopic measurement
・ Material property analysis
・ Development and inspection of microscopic analysis


・model :LaseView-CA-MIR Camera set
・price and lead time : Please Call us;

Kokyo, Inc. will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the laser industry and support the promotion of the five major revolutions (information revolution, medical revolution, food revolution, environmental revolution, and energy revolution) through laser technology.