Analyzing the beam diameter and quality of the infrared wavelength, 「LaseView-CA35-NIR1550 camera set」has released on Thursday, November 4th

Kokyo, Inc. (Representative Director Kazuhiko Sumimura, Headquarters Kyoto, Japan) is pleased to announce the new product “LaseView-CA35-NIR 1550 Camera Set” of the “LaseView Camera Set Series” on Thursday, November 4th. It is used for measuring laser beam diameter, M2 beam quality, etc.

This product is specialized for wavelength measurement and analysis in the infrared region (1460 – 1620 nm) with respect to the existing “LaseView-CA-SWIR (measurement wavelength: 900 – 1700 nm)” wavelength range. By reviewing the installed functions, the image quality during optical analysis in the infrared region has been improved to about 15 times that of the existing one, and the minimum beam diameter has been improved, while the price has been reduced to less than half the price.

Wavelengths in the infrared region are widely used in general-purpose products in daily life such as infrared sensors and thermography, and it is expected that functions and quality will be maintained and improved by using this product for product development and performance inspection.

LaseView-CA35-NIR 1550 Camera Set (new)
Waverangth 1460 – 1620 nm
Beam diameter 30 μm – 3.5 mm
Number of pixels 1,249,344 (1,296 x 964 )
LaseView-CA-SWIR Camera Set(Existing)
Waverangth 900 – 1700 nm (NIR)
Beam diameter 120 μm – 5 mm
Number of pixels 81,920 (320 x 256 )



  • Wavelength: 1460 – 1620 nm
  • Possible to measure beam diameter (30 μm – 3.5 mm)


  • Development and inspection of optical communication and remote sensing products
  • Development and inspection of heating and heat insulation equipment

Kokyo, Inc. will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the laser industry and support the promotion of the five major revolutions (information revolution, medical revolution, food revolution, environmental revolution, and energy revolution) through laser technology.