Launched beam profiler suitable for wide-range wavelength beam measurement from visible to near-infrared region

Kokyo, Inc. (Representative Director: Kazuhiko Sumimura, Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) is pleased to announce that newly developed LHB-VISNIR-GigE and LHB-100-VISNIR-GigE, which have different light-receiving surface dimensions, are compatible with the “visible light to near-infrared wavelengths”, will be released from 2021/1/29 (Fri). LaseView-LHB series that can measure, analyze, and evaluate the beam profile of large-diameter, high-power laser light with a single unit.

The new product is positioned as a sister product with improved functions based on the two near-infrared light models LHB-NIR-GigE and LHB-100-NIR-GigE currently on the market, and has a wider range of visible light to near infrared light than before. Beam measurement and analysis in the range can be performed with a single device. In addition, the number of sensor pixels*1 and optical resolution*2 have also been improved, enabling measurement, analysis, and evaluation of beam quality under highly accurate and stable conditions.

Product image

Product images of LHB-VISNIR-GigE and LHB-100-VISNIR-GigE


Features of the previous LaseView-LHB series

  • Easy measurement of beam profile and beam diameter.
  • Large-diameter laser measurement is possible (1 mm to 100 mm).
  • Laser measurement from low output to high output is possible (1 mW / cm2 ~ 100 W / cm2).
  • With speckle (glittering bright and dark spots) reduction function.
  • With beam profiler with M2 platform software (LaseView).

New product features

  • Compatible with visible to near-infrared beam light (400 to 1700 nm).
  • Improved sensor pixel count *1 and optical resolution *2.
Existing products new product
product name LHB-NIR-GigE LHB-100-NIR-GigE LHB-VISNIR-GigE LHB-100-VISNIR-GigE
Number of sensor pixels
320(holizontal)× 256(virtical) 1280(holizontal)×1024(virtical)
Optical resolution
about 400μm about 800μm about 150μm about 300μm


  • Beam profile measurement of processing laser
  • LED CW continuous and pulse emission evaluation measurement
  • Semiconductor laser emission evaluation measurement
  • LiDAR evaluation
  • Beam evaluation measurement of optical pickup
  • Position measurement of scan laser


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Representative value / excerpt

item LaseView-LHB-VISNIR-GigE LaseView-LHB-100-VISNIR-GigE
Light receiving surface dimensions 50 × 50 mm 100 × 100 mm
Optical resolution 約150 μm 約300 μm
Measured power density 0.1~100W/cm2(Adjust sensitivity according to exposure time)
Total incident power Max 10W
Allowable incident light angle ±15°
Measurement wavelength range 400~1700 nm (Focus adjusted at 1310 nm)
Number of sensor pixels 1280 × 1024 mm(holizontal × virtical)
Number of acquired image pixels 1250 × 1250 mm(holizontal × virtical)
A / D conversion resolution 8 / 10 / 12 bit
frame rate Max 130fps (@8bit)
interface Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
External dimensions (preliminary) W195×H83×D196 mm W215×H137×D219 mm

Kokyo, Inc. will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the laser industry and support the promotion of the five major revolutions (information revolution, medical revolution, food revolution, environmental revolution, and energy revolution) through laser technology.