Beam profiler

Beam profiler

Beam profiler with M2 platform software

The beam profiler is a innovational beam profiler ・ platform software that combines
high-performance, high-resolution, high-convenience, low coat and customer-orientation.
Beam profiler with M2 measurement function is available at low price.

Products:Beam profiler with M2 platform software
Price:$2,500 (without Tax)
Evaluation version (30 days):$0


Beam profiler for large diameter and high-power application

This is a beam profiler for large diameter and high power.
Beam profile is addressable only by introducing laser into LaseView-LHB.
Laser with low power (1 mW/cm2~) is also available.
LaserView is included as software and various analysis functions make LaseView-LHB useful.

Products:Beam profiler for large diameter and high output
Price:US$ 14,300 (Ex-works Japan and without Tax)
Lead time:Around 1-1.5 month after order receipt

Laser Diode

1064nm DFB laser (with pico second variable pulse range)

This is co-developed products with TAMA ELECTRIC INC.
It is compact size DFB laser to emit 50ps short-pulse range.
Pico-second laser has much demand in industry, such as for measuring fluorescence lifetime, time resolution, laser material processing,
and for fiber laser quality evaluation etc.
This is to meet such demands in industry.

Price:US$ 9,150 (Ex-works Japan and without Tax)
Lead time:Around 1-2.5 months after order receipt.

1030nm DFB laser (variable wavelength and longitudinal single frequency)

This is longitudinal single frequency CW laser which is tunable in range between 1027 nm and 1033 nm (6 nm). Continuous wavelength variable is possible with mode-hop-free condition by modulating temperature on DFB (distributed-feedback)laser diode between 0°C~80°C.

Price:US$14,700 (Ex-works Japan and without Tax)
Lead time:Around 1-2months after order receipt.



Mechanical shutter (large diameter and silent type)

This is shutter to be used as laser pulse picker and the one for CCD, CMOS cameras.
It has large diameter, silent operation and long shelflife characters.

Price:US$ 6,900 (Ex-works Japan and without Tax)
Lead time:Around 1-2 months after order receipt.