This is a small-sized mode Locking Yb Fiber Laser Kit having product-level stability and compactness. This kit works on NPR (Nonlinear Polarization Rotation) as a principle of ultrashort pulse light generation and provides stable ultrashort laser thanks to its elaborate design in spite of the compact body.
::What is an “Ultrashort pulse laser” ?
::What is “fiber laser” ?
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The housing is prepared to accommodate various optical parts therein. You can easily build up a desirable optical system by installing optical parts according to the guidance given by the assembling instruction manual.Because the optical system is mounted inside the housing, influence of external disturbance factors such as air turbulence the laboratory and so on, are suppressed.Originally the spectral width is greater than 50 nm, and the pulse width can also be set to less than 100 fs by an externally provided pulse compressor.
As an external pulse compressor, we recommend a transmission type diffraction grating of the polarization dependent type and having a high diffraction efficiency.

::What is “pulse compression by a diffraction grating” ?

Comparison between usual products and Kokyo’s

Small-sized Mode Locking Yb Fiber Laser Kit Conventional Products (Typ.)
Pulse width <2 ps
(<100fs with an external pulse compressor)
<200 fs
Center wavelength 1040 nm±10 nm 1040 nm±10 nm
Average output >20 mW >100 mW
Repetition frequency 90±10 MHz 50 MHz
Output stability 〜0.1% rms <0.5% rms
Self-making Possible Impossible
Price Presented ($13,800) Not presented (up to $50,000)

Mounting and Specifications


Small-sized Ultrashort Pulse Yb Fiber Laser Kit includes:
・ a set of optical parts
・ a semiconductor laser
・a housing
・an assembling instruction manual


Specifications (one example)

Specifications (one example)

Pulse width: < 2 ps *1
Center wavelength: 1040 ± 10 nm
Spectral width : > 50 nm
Average output: > 20 mW
Repetition frequency: 90 ± 10 MHz
Output stability: 〜0.1 % rms (Typ.)
Output port: a collimated light from the side of housing*2
Polarization direction: Vertical
Size: 130 x 280 x 90 mm*3
*1 <100 fs , with an optional external compressor
*2 A connector on the front side is an input port for a pump LD.
*3 A pump LD is not included in “Sizes.” (not shown in the photo)
*Specifications are subject to change by external factors such as alignment of the optical parts assembled or the fiber length, and so on.


  • 電気通信大学
  • 大阪市立大学
  • 北海道大学
  • 大阪大学
  • その他、国内外の民間企業


Price and Shipment

Product Name: Small-sized Mode-locking Yb Fiber Kit
Model No.: FL-MLYb-kit-s
Price: $13,800 (tax-excluded)
Shipment: The day on receipt of order at shortest. months after receipt of order at longest
*A power source for a semiconductor laser is not included.
*Inform us if you do not have a fusion splicer.
*Mode Locking Fiber Laser Kits with center wavelength of 1.5 μm
or 0.9 μm are also available.

*For getting a higher intensity, you can use this kit together with a fiber amplifier kit or a high pulse energy type femtosecond regeneration amplifying kit.