Ultrashort Pulse Fiber Laser: $4,600

You can purchase a 1.5 μm band ultrashort pulse fiber laser for less than $5,000 (tax-included).
Because all electric parts necessary for a 1.5 μm band ultrashort pulse fiber laser are included in this kit, saving the bothersome work to select suitable optical parts,
You will be able to easily accumulate laser light source developing knowhow while you mount the Kit by yourself.
Furthermore, thanks to higher degree of freedom d due to kit, you can easily rearrange the structure of 1.5 μm band ultrashort pulse fiber laser as the research advances.
::What is an “ultrashort pulse laser” ?
::What is a “fiber laser” ?
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Optical parts for 1.5 μm band available in the market is a few, making harder to prepare all component optical parts compared with those for 1.0 μm band.

Comparison between usual products and Kokyo’s

Mode Locking Er Fiber Laser Kit Conventional Products (Typ)
Pulse width several    100 fs to several ps(adjustable)
Center wavelength 1.5 μm 1.5 μm
Average output several mW to several 10 mW(adjustable) >50 mW
Repetition frequency several 10 MHz to 80 MHz(adjustable) 50 MHz
Self-making Possible Impossible
Price Presented ($4,600) Not presented (up to $50,000)

Mounting and Specification


This kit includes:

・a set of optical parts
・a set of optical parts
・a semiconductor
This kit works on NPR (Nonlinear Polarization Rotation) as a principle of mode locking.
::What is “NPR (Nonlinear Polarization Rotation)” ?

Structure of Mode Locking Er Fiber Laser Kit


Structure example of Mode Locking Er Fiber Laser Kt

Example of Specification

Center wavelength :1.5 μm
Output : several mW to several 10 mW
Pulse width :several 100 fs to several ps
Repetition frequency:45 MHz(Typ.)
Polarization: Vertical polarization (vertical direction)
Output method: Spatial output
*Specification is subject to change according to alignment of built-up optical parts or fiber lengths.


An example of auto-correlation waveform



One example of optical spectrum

One example of application

・Optical communication
・Light measurement
・Air pollution measurement
・Nonlinear frequency conversion
・Lidar, Range finder
・3D scanning

Price and Shipment

Product Name: Mode Locking Er Fiber Laser Kit
Product Number: FL-MLEr-ki
Price: $4,6000 (tax-excluded
Shipment: one week after receipt of order at shortest
two months after receipt of order at longest

*Power source for a semiconductor laser is not included.
*Optical breadboard is not included.



  • LDは同じ物を使用しております。


  • 波長780nmのフェムト秒レーザーを出すことができます。