4 Waveenths DFB-LD Module Light Source for 100GBASE-ER4


This is a 4 Waveenths DFB-LD Module Light Source for 100GBASE-ER4.


  • DFB-LD module with  wavelengths according to 100GBASE-ER4 is included.
    (1295.56nm、1300.05nm、1304.58nm、1309.14 nm)
  • Designation of DFR-LD module is acceptable (Shipment after assembly and adustment).
  • LD Driver (included):
    (a) LD Current     0~500mA(Set Resoution 1mA/Measurement Resolution 0.1mA)
    (b) TEC Current  0~±1.5A(Measurement Resolution 1mA)
    (c) Temperature 10~40℃(Set Resolution 0.1℃/Measurement Resolution 0.001℃)


Parameter Unit Min Typ Max
Forward Voltage V 1.2
Threshold Current mA 10 20
Output Power from Fiber mW 10
Peak Wavelength


nm 1294.56 1295.56 1296.56
nm 1299.05 1300.05 1301.05
nm 1303.58 1304.58 1305.58
nm 1308.14 1309.14 1310.14
Side Mode Suppression Ratio dB 35


Item Specification
Power Supply Voltage AC100V
Current 2Amax
Enviroment Temperature 15~35℃
Humidity No condensation
LD Module Shape Butterfly・14 pin Standard Socket
Drive System ACC
LD Connection Format Floating、Cathode GND
LD Current Setting 0~500mA
                      Setting Resolution 1mA
Display/Measurement Resolution 1mA/0.1mA
LD Current Limiter Setting 10~500mA
             Setting  Resolution  r10mA
LD Voltage 0~3V
Display/Measurement Resolution 0.01V/0.001V
TEC System PWM
Set Current 100~1500mA
Sett Resolution 100mA
Driving Current 0~±1.5A
Current Measurement Resolution 1mA
Display/Measurement Resolution 0.01V/0.001V
温Temperature Setting Range 10~40℃
Setting Resolution 0.1℃
Monitor Range 9~43℃
Display/Measurement Resolution 0.1℃/0.001℃
設定方法Setting Method Item Selection Rotary Encoder, pressing
Settings LD Current/LD Current Monitor/LD Voltage Monitor/
Temperature/Temperature Monitor/TEC Current・Voltage Monitor
Value Setting Rotary Encoder, rotating
LD ON/OFF LD-SW. pressing
Displat LCD 2 lines x 16 characters、backlit
LD,TEC state LED: Green=Driving、Flashing Red=Alarm
Comunication USB Virtual COM、19200bps
Connector USB-B
Equipment Air Cooking DC fan x2

Model: DFB -4LD

Application: IEEE100GBASE-ER4

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