This is DFB laser with short pulse width of 50 ps.
Picosecond laser can be used for measuring fluorescence lifetime, measuring time resolution and for material processing as well as fiber quality evaluation.
Both PC control and independent control are available and also it is easy to handle.




・1064 nm DFB laser diode(wavelength tunable and with FC/APC
・Controller for current, temperature and pulse width
・Control software



Specification Remark
Peak wavelength 1064±5 nm
Pulse width 50 ps – 9 ns With internal clock
Repetition frequency 3 kHz – 250 MHz With internal clock
Peak power > 30 mW (@50 ps)
Drive temperature range 0 – 40 ℃
Input voltage +5 V With AC adapter
Size 95 (D) × 130 (D) × 70 (H) mm
Weight 200 g


Varying pulse width

Pulse width:50 ps        Pulse width:500 ps


Pulse width:1000 ps Pulse width:9 ns


Price and lead time

Price:USD 9,150 (Ex-works Japan)
(without Tax)

Lead time:Around 1-2.5month
after order receipt


・Fluorescence lifetime measurement
・Time resolved measurement
・Laser material processing
・Fiber quality evaluation
・Seed light for Yb laser
・Bio-imaging and Raman spectrum
・Interference sensing and LIDAR