This is single longitudinal frequency CW laser which is tunable in range between 1027 nm and 1033nm (6nm). Continuous wavelength tunable is possible with mode-hop free condition by modulating temperature on DFB (distributed – freedback) laser diode between 0°C〜80°C.
Narrow line-width laser can be obtained with low noise.
Size is compact because of no using external grating and wavelength variable filter.

DFB laser diode in 1030nm

WT-SF-DFB-LD-1030 / Image


・ Broad wavelength tunable laser (1027~1033nm)
・ Continuous tunable laser depending on temperature modulation
・ Single longitudinal frequency DFB laser
・ Fiber output with polarization maintaining single mode fiber
・ Turn-key type and easy to handle



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Comparison with competitors

Wavelength tunable single frequency DFB laser diode in 1030nm Competitors
Type DFB laser diode DFB fiber laser
Continuous and variable wavelength width ~6 nm ~0.6 nm
Optical power >10mW ~10mW
Longitudinal mode single frequency single frequency
Transverse mode Single mode Sigle mode
Output method Polarization maintaining fiber Polarization maintaining fiber
Optical feedback Available Unavailable
Price USD 14,700 No description (Maximum JPY 3 mil)


Composition and specification


  • 1030 nm band DFB laser diode (wavelength variable and with FC/APC connector)
  • Electric and temperature controller


It may be changed without advanced notification.

Tunable wavelength specification

 Spectral of optical output

Spectral of optical output

Peak wavelength, output, and SMSR at each temperature

Peak wavelength, output, and SMSR at each temperature

Basic laser specification

Item Specification Remark
Peak wavelength 1030 +/- 3 nm Tuning possible depending on temperature
Temperature factor 0.08 nm/K
Current factor 0.01 nm/mA
Threshold factor 20 mA
Drive current 150 -200 mA
Drive voltage 1 – 2 V
Drive temperature range 0 – 60 °C
Storage temperature range -40 – 85 °C

Electric specification

Item Specification Remark
Laser diode maximum current 200 mA typ.
Maximum temperature for laser * 80 °C
Minimum temperature for laser* 0 °C
Monitor PD current 50 – 1000 uA Applicartion range at the time of 30 mW output
PD conversion ratio 3 V/50 – 1000 μA High impedance
LD temperature monitor 2.308 V@25 °C typ. High impedance
LD current monitor 3 V/200 mA typ. High impedance
TEC maximum voltage 2 V typ.
TEC cooling maximum current 2 A typ.
TEC heating maximum current 2 A typ

* Please note that TEC temperature range is out of recommended one for laser diode.
It may not cauase performance degradation with short time use, but there is no performance gurantee with long time use.


General specification

Specification Remark
Electrical voltage 100 – 240 V AC
Power frequency 50 / 60 Hz 25 +/- 10 °C
Size 320 mm x 84 mm x 230 mm Except leg and ridge
Weight Around 2 kg



  • Seed light for Yb fiber laser and Yb:YAG laser
  • Laser microscope
  • OCT
  • Laser processing
  • THz light source
  • Raman spectram
  • Inteference sensing

Price and lead time

・ Price:USD 14,700 (Ex-works Japan)
(without Tax)

・ Lead time:Around 1~2 months after order receipt


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